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About Us


Amit Shah, MD-Principal Investigator is a Board Certified Physician in Internal Medicine (over 30 years of experience) and Palliative Medicine. Dr. Shah has conducted Phase II, III, and IV clinical trials in the following areas: Asthma, COPD, Crohn's, Diabetes, Gout, Heart Disease, IBS, Osteoarthritis, and Shingles.

Brenda Sprinkle, PA-C, CCRC, Sub-Investigator (over 30 years of research experience) has done Phase I, II, III, and IV clinical trials, as well as overnight trials. Additional studies of interest are Alzheimer's, Obesity, Allergy, Insomnia, Osteoporosis, and Psoriasis.

Daniel Kirkley, PA-C, Sub-Investigator joined PRP in February 2021. He is working on Phase III and IV clinical trials in the following areas: COPD, Diabetes and Osteoarthritis.


Angie Bowers (MA in Early Childhood Education, MA in Elementary Education, Minor in Psychology ) began her clinical research experience at PRP in 2010. She was instrumental in establishing the site and received extensive training in the following areas: patient source documents, study closure responsibilities, and audit preparations. Her main responsibility is business development.

Becky Fewell (Medical Assistant and Study Coordinator) joined PRP in 2019. She has experience coordinating drug and drug device studies in the following areas: Cholesterol, COPD, Diabetes, Heart Disease, IBS, and Osteoarthritis.

Lisa May (RT (R)(M) and Study Coordinator) joined PRP in 2020. She has experience coordinating drug and drug devices in the following areas: Cholesterol, COPD, Diabetes, Heart Disease, IBS, and Osteoarthritis.

Sandra Irby (DA II Certified) has been with PRP since March 2014 in the administrative front desk position. She has been in the medical field over 30 years. Her main responsibilities include scheduling and assisting the study coordinators.

Debbie Shelton (MA in Reading, BA in English, National Board Certification)has been with PRP since August 2011. Her main responsibilities include regulatory, budget and recruitment.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is a clinical study? A clinical study or clinical trial is a controlled testing of an investigational medicine or vaccine to see if it works safely in a group of volunteers. It may also involve researching new uses for an already approved medicine. The goal of a clinical study is to find treatments that help people live healthier lives.

What is the time commitment to participate in a study? Each study has different time commitments. Depending upon the study, participants will be required to make 6-8 site visits on a recurring basis (monthly, bimonthly, or quarterly). Some studies require patients to stay at the site for 6 hours for blood samples, ECG's, or pulmonary function (breathing) tests. These would be required at different time points within the study. Others require up to 2 hours for each visit. Studies can range from 3-4 weeks to 3-4 years.

Will I stop seeing my primary care physician (PCP) or specialist if I am enrolled in a study? No. We encourage all patients to continue seeing their PCP as usual. We like to notify the PCPs about the study and keep them updated of any abnormal findings.

As a patient, are there costs associated with being enrolled in a study? At our research site, there is no charge to the patient for any procedures, office visits or for the study medication. Depending on the study, patients will be reimbursed for certain travel expenses.

Do patients need to bring proof of insurance to study visits? We do not ever file insurance, including Medicare and Medicaid, for study visits or procedures. The sponsor (pharmaceutical company) for the study pays the research site for all work done as a part of the study.