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Clinical Studies:

Cardiovascular Disease (Heart Disease) includes diseased vessels, structural problems and blood clots.

  • male or female, 18 to 80 years of age
  • established CVD (MI, Stroke or PAD)

COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disorder) is a progressive disease where airways and air sacs in the lungs lose elasticity and shape, making it hard to breathe. Qualifications for the study include:

  • male or female, age 40 or older
  • COPD diagnosis
  • tobacco use - current or prior smoking history
  • female has a negative pregnancy test

Diabetes is a chronic condition that affects the way the body processes blood sugar (glucose).

  • male or female, age 18 - 80
  • HbA1c at screening of > 7.5
  • BMI > 30 and < 42